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Asset Managers:

That's a pretty bold statement. However, here at J Stedman & Associates, we can back it up. If I may, I would like to take a second and explain how I got into the REO side of the real estate business. It may help you to understand a little better the personal and professional dedication that I have to the work. I was involved in an auto accident in the late 80's and could not work. I fell behind on my mortgage and came close to foreclosure. Once I was able to catch up payments, I asked "Who sells the homes when there is a problem and they are not able to catch up?" At that time, I also asked to be placed on that mortgage companies approved list and have worked that side of the business almost exclusively since 1990. As a result of that experience, I bring more to the table than most brokers. I have found that Cash for keys and gaining possession of property goes much smoother, quicker and in most cases, in better condition because I am able to build rapport with occupants.

Our goal here at J Stedman & Associates is to make your life, as the asset manager, less stressful and easier with timely reports and accurate valuations. The following are my promises to you when a property has been assigned to my office.

  1. Occupancy within 24 hours and many times on the same day.
  2. If property is occupied, regular weekly occupancy checks until eviction or Cash for Keys is complete.
  3. Mediate all correspondence needed during the eviction process including but not limited to scheduling lockout dates, attending evictions, and hiring eviction crews.
  4. If vacant, rekey within 24 hours of approval to move forward with vacancy.
  5. Activate and manage utility accounts and expenses.
  6. Arrange or oversee trash out and other initial/ongoing services, per client policy.
  7. Timely reports and accurate evaluations.
  8. Time and date stamped pictures.
  9. Market all properties on BOTH local listing services, company website, various other real estate related sites and platforms including Equator and Resnet.
  10. Present all offers immediately upon receipt.
  11. Weekly update, or more often as needed, on every property under contract until closed and funded.