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What you need to know to successfully submit an offer. All offers are required to include the following:

  1. FINANCED OFFERS: Must provide a preapproval letter.
    • a. Designating the type of loan (Traditional FHA, FHA 203K, Conventional, etc.)
    • b. LTV % and state the maximum amount for which the buyer is preapproved.
    • c. The letter is also required to state whether or not the buyer's credit has been reviewed. ***Please DO NOT send preapproval letters with specific information pertaining to the buyer's credit score or other specific personal information.
  2. TYPE OF BUYER: All buyers must disclose whether they are purchasing as an investor or with intent to occupy as a primary residence (owner occupant).
  3. CASH OFFERS: Must provide proof of funds for the full amount of the offer price dated within 30 days of the offer.
  4. Please note that all offers received will be presented to the seller. However, those offers that are submitted without providing the required documentation may delayed or rejected by the seller. Sellers want to ensure that they are negotiated with able buyers.